Training Aid
Champs Club tasty treats are an ideal reward for your dog during training. The main ingredient is a mixture of cooked meat, so your dog will find their taste irresistible. The unique composition and manufacturing process give the treats a semi-soft consistency – the sensation of eating a Champs Club treat will be very pleasant for your dog, similar to that of eating a piece of fresh cheese or salami. Unlike dry treats, semi-soft treats do not need to be chewed for long and will not make your dog thirsty.
Practical and Easy to Handle
Carry the Champs Club treats safely in your pocket during your walk or training session. The treats are not greasy and do not crumble, and they can even be briefly exposed to higher temperatures. And thanks to their natural ingredients, their smell is pleasant to humans. Say goodbye to pockets full of smelly crumbs and grease-stained clothes!
Our Manufacturing Secret
Champs Club treats are made from cooked meat that is mixed by hand, as many of the raw materials that we use cannot be processed by machines. The mixture is then cold-pressed with a granulator to the desired shape. In making Champs Club treats we use only natural and high quality ingredients.
Health First
Demand for quality pet food is growing, and many dog owners are looking carefully at the ingredients in their favourite pet food and switching to a natural pet diet. Treats can also meet this growing demand! Champs Club treats contain no artificial flavourings, premixed vitamins or minerals, synthetic colourants, preservatives or any other ingredients that would be contrary to a healthy, natural diet. The tasty and wholesome Champs Club treats are gluten-free and have as little starch as possible.
Keeping Your Dog in Shape
Champs Club treats are rich in protein with little fat and no added salt, and are therefore suitable even if you are keeping an eye on your dog’s weight. Thanks to their natural composition, Champs Club treats are very easy to digest – with enough exercise they are a suitable diet complement for dogs of all breeds and ages.

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